Peter J. Klassen, 2009 [i in.]

Peter J. Klassen, Mennonites in Early Modern Poland and Prussia,

At a time when religious conflicts and persecution plagued early modern Europe, Poland and Prussia were havens for Mennonites and other religious minorities. Noted Anabaptist scholar Peter J. Klassen examines this extraordinary example of religious tolerance.

Through extensive archival research in Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands, Klassen unearths rich material that has rarely, if ever, been studied previously. He demonstrates how the interaction of religious, political, and economic factors created a situation in Poland and Prussia that permitted a diversity of religious beliefs and practices.

Mennonites in Early Modern Poland and Prussia focuses on the large Mennonite community in these countries. Klassen reveals how the Anabaptist groups were treated and explores whether the uncommon religious freedom they enjoyed gave rise to a flourishing of their faith or a falling away from its central tenets.

Early modern Poland and Prussia are virtually ignored in most studies of the Reformation. Klassen brings them to light and life by focusing on an unusual oasis of tolerance in the midst of a Europe convulsed by the wars of religion.

Pub. Date: April 2009
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Format: Hardcover , 280pp

Series: Young Center Books in Anabaptist and Pietist Studies
ISBN-13: 9780801891137
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- [INNE POZYCJE TEGOŻ AUTORA w j. angielskim:]

- [MIĘDZY INNYMI:] Europe in the Reformation [Paperback]
Peter J. Klassen (Author) - [POR: ]


- John P. Klassen and the Beginnings of the Art Legacy at Bluffton University
by Paul Klassen

( Emeritus professor of social work at Bluffton University )

[WSTĘP:] From 1924 until the late 1950s, John P. Klassen was the sole embodiment of the art department at Mennonite-affiliated Bluffton College-today Bluffton University. He was the origin of the legacy of visual arts at Bluffton.


- History of Superb Church
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History of Superb Mennonite
The First Families in Luseland
Life in the 1930s
A Church is Built
Superb Groups
Transition from German to English
Superb Pastors
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The history of the Superb Mennonite Church was compiled and authored by Elsbeth Bergen and Helen Olfert, and edited by Angela Martens
The First Families of Superb

One hundred and thirty miles west of Saskatoon Saskatchewan, on a spur line of the C.P.R. that runs south west of Kerrobert SK., lay the little hamlet of Superb. Here in 1927 - 1928, ten Mennonite families, all immigrants from Russia during the exodus of German families, took up land through the Mennonite Board of Colonization. The first family came on Jan. 5th, 1927. They were:

Rev. Peter J. Klassen, his wife, and six children, (four children came later).