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The Society for Japanese Arts was founded in 1937 by a group of Dutch collectors of, and dealers in, Japanese art. Originally called The Society for Japanese Arts and Crafts, the society became international in the 1960s.[1][2] It currently has over 800 members in 29 countries.[3] The Society sponsors lectures, exhibitions and publications.[3] It awards grants through the Heinz M. Kaempfer Fund, and publishes the journal Andon (ISSN 0168-2997) in English.[4]

In addition to Andon and a quarterly Newsletter (ISSN 1877-3788), the Society’s publications include:

  • Forrer, Matthi, Willem R. van Gulik, Jack Hillier A Sheaf of Japanese Papers, The Hague, Society for Japanese Arts and Crafts, 1979. ISBN 9070265710
  • Ing, Eric van den, Beauty and Violence, Japanese Prints by Yoshitoshi, 1839-1892, Bergeyk, Netherlands, Society for Japanese Arts, 1992. ISBN 9070216043
  • Kaempfer, H. M. and W. O. G. Sickinghe The Fascinating World of the Japanese Artist. A Collection of Esays on Japanese Art by Members of the Society for Japanese Arts and Crafts, The Hague, Society for Japanese Arts and Crafts, 1971. ISBN 0870931563
  • Kaempfer, H. M. (ed.), Ukiyo-e Studies and Pleasures, A Collection of Essays on the Art of Japanese Prints, The Hague, Society for Japanese Arts and Crafts, 1978. ISBN 9070216019
  • Schaap, Robert, A Brush with Animals, Japanese Paintings, 1700-1950, Bergeijk, Society for Japanese Arts & Hotei Publishing, 2007. ISBN 9789070216078
  • Vos, F., et al., Meiji, Japanese Art in Transition, Ceramics, Cloisonné, Lacquer, Prints, Organized by the Society for Japanese Art and Crafts, 's-Gravenhage, the Netherlands, Gemeentemuseum, 1987. ISBN 9070216035



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